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To promote other people’s products and make money for yourself is the simplest answer to the question, What is Affiliate Marketing? It is basically about the connections among peoples which mainly connects these four parties of society.

  1. Advertiser
  2. Network
  3. Publisher
  4. Consumer

Let’s have a short description about the four.


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Advertiser is also known as Merchant, Retailer or brand. This title refers to a businessperson who is the provider of the product in market. And product should be anything from electronics, clothing, transportation, food etc. categories. So you will earn from the advertiser.


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It contains well categorized and sorted offers for publisher to choose from and also take care of statistics of products, payments etc. So this is a platform which connects Advertiser with Publisher.


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Publisher is also known as the “Affiliate”. It brings customers of any product and acts as a middle man between the product and customer.


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We can say a buyer or utilizer of product. The person who purchases the product from market.

Do I Require Training for Affiliate Marketing

Yes! It is mandatory. Because there are thousands of affiliate network online and once I’ve seen on question answering site that affiliate network number approaches 20,000. And only a single network “Amazon” has more than 368 million products to promote as an affiliate. So what do you think, should you have a proper affiliate marketing training or you want loose your money and to waste a lot of time.

And another thing there are many affiliate marketing training websites online. So which will you select to get trained in this online business? Below is the description of most reliable, trusted and legit affiliate marketing training portal.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Training Portal

Here you will be trained to select product to promote among millions and network among thousands to earn money from home as a successful businessman online with only an internet connection and a computer or laptop!

Who Should I Trust For Affiliate Training

Join this largest affiliate marketing community and training website on the internet with 24/7 online support, and discover the freedom of making money online. This will help you kiss your day job goodbye!

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The foolproof blueprint for building profitable affiliate websites. Easy step-by-step videos mean anybody can get started making money online.

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This includes to own custom-made WordPress theme — AffiloTheme — which makes it incredibly easy to create your own professional-looking website, EVEN if you’ve never built one before in your life.

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2. AffiloTools

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Manage your revenue generation, website analytics, SEO, PPC and social campaigns, all in one place with our latest online application. AffiloTools crunches data from a range of premium sources to find out what’s REALLY happening on your website.Search engines, social media, revenue… All your most important data, all in one place.

3. AffiloJetPack

We’ve found you profitable niches, powerful keywords, quality content and stunning graphics. Now just put it together, turn it on, and start earning. Get the system for building “money-making machines” that earn you a huge income on autopilot.

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