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This is best platform of Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs as America’s most trusted source for Government auto auctions of seized and surplus car sales.

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Government Auto Auctions Members Can Access

  1.  4,000+ Live US Auctions
  2.  Online Federal Car Auctions
  3.  Complete Auction Guide
  4.  Auction Tutorials
  5.  Save Thousands of $$$
  6.  Auction Contact Details
  7.  Fast & Friendly Support
  8.  Helpful Location Maps
  9.  Clean Title Cars
  10.  Police Seized Vehicles
  11.  Repossessed Cars
  12.  Listings in Every State
  13.  1,000s of New Cars Weekly
  14.  Gov’t Surplus Property
  15.  IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury
  16.  Luxury Cars, SUVs, Trucks
  17.  Amazing Listings
  18.  All Makes & Models
  19.  Speciality Gov’t Auctions
  20.  Free Updates to Database
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  22.  Starting from $100
  23.  24/7/365 Direct Access
  24.  Up to 90% Off Book Value
  25.  Intuitive & Easy to Navigate

Step-By-Step Government Auto Auctions School

Government auto auctions FREE 5-day Comprehensive Tutorial WILL make you a confident purchaser at any auto auction. This is a summary of what you will learn here;

  • Day 1 – Introduction Day: Your First Day in Car Auction School.
  • Day 2 – All the important stuff.
  • Day 3 – “Secure best deal day”.
  • Day 4 – Special coverage of On-line Car auctions.
  • Day 5 – Final day. They will summarize the main lessons learnt, but most importantly government auto auctions will also look at answering relevant questions, such as how you can obtain an extended warranty. They will also address favorable financing and insurance at lowest possible rates. And, finally, you will learn how to avoid the worst mistakes you can make as a car auction buyer.

8 Simple Steps For Buying At Government  Auto Auctions.

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Step 1 – Do Your Homework

Step 2 – Auction Day – Inspect the Vehicles

Step 3 – Price Range and Your Timing

Step 4 – Preparing to Bid

  • Incremental bids. Bidding usually increases by $100, $250, or $500 at the discretion of the auctioneer.
  • Your commitment to purchase.
  • Understanding what the auctioneer means.
  • Your obligations when you bid. Once you have made a bid you cannot withdraw it.

Step 5 – Making Your Bid

  • Be sure you are bidding on the correct vehicle by noting the lot number or engine number.
  • It is sometimes wise to let someone else start the bidding.
  • Use the amount of activity as a guide to the vehicle’s popularity.
  • When you’re ready and you feel the time is right, make your bid confidently so as not to be overlooked as many vehicles are auctioned in a short timeframe.
  • Attract the attention of the auctioneer by holding up your hand or your bidder registration number.
  • Make sure the auctioneer notices your first bid – he/she will then watch you for further bids.

Step 6 – Once You are the Successful Bidder

  • Take your identification and part payment to the Sales Office to secure your wholesale purchase.
  • You can pay with cash, bank cheque, major credit card or similar. It is smart to ask the auction house about their accepted payment methods beforehand when you call to confirm times and current listings.
  • Important: a “buyers premium” fee (i.e. the auction house’s income) of approx 5% of purchase price is usually payable on top of purchase price. Take this into consideration when you work out your bidding limit.
  • Complete the necessary purchase documents.
  • Take your receipt as Proof of Purchase and Guarantee of Title.

Step 7 – Return to Settle.

Step 8 – Happy Motoring.

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