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We recently launched our built in ‘Featured’ free tool, which can very easily TRIPLE the traffic to your offers, especially when you become an Unlimited member (below).Upon the release of the Featured tool, I personally ran a 24 hour Case Study using my own ‘Unlimited Membership’ account, to test it out…

As usual, I began receiving traffic and clicks almost INSTANTLY. Only this time, it was considerably more than normal! …And then, just 4 hours and 11 minutes into the test, I’d made an affiliate commission of $21 – on a Clicksure product called ‘Easy FB Commissions’. Sweet!!

These (which are simply short text ads placed on our site, and shared by our members on their Twitter and Facebook pages), take just a minute or two, EACH to post. So I actually spent very little time in order to start getting traffic and affiliate commissions.

In another Case Study I made $79 after posting just 6 ads, each of which took only a minute or two to post as usual

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…We could very easily charge $200 for home page placement on a website with as much traffic as ours. But instead, we’re giving away highly coveted banner advertising spots for your benefit. Think about it for a minute… People would have to be nuts to pass up an opportunity like this.

There are very few if any other traffic sources online, that can begin sending you traffic as quickly and as easily as we do. You don’t need a list. You don’t need a website. You don’t need experience. You don’t need hosting. Just grab a hot affiliate product or splash page, and use this free system to start sending traffic to it NOW.

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Another Tool For Cheap Traffic

Thousands of members can’t be wrong! For a full 15 days, post up to 72 ads per day on our high traffic page for a onetime fee of just $7, and get them shared on the Facebook and Twitter pages of our members! Money back guarantee included.

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